Automatic: Compact Label Applicators ALS 104 and ALS 200 Series

Model Range: ALS 104, ALS 204, ALS 206, ALS 209, ALS 256, ALS 272

We offer a selection of reliable, accurate and compact automatic label applicators. Each machine offers a capacity or performance option to suit most requirements but all are high-quality and designed to be user-friendly.  From our entry level machine to our high speed and wide models, your business can benefit from an efficient labelling machine.

Compact Label Applicators for All Industries and All Budgets

Each of our labelling machines is in a class of their own. They have a very high standard of construction not seen at this price level and features that will protect your investment over time.  With such a compact footprint, they can be integrated easily on your production line and utilised for multiple application methods.  User-friendly, quick and easy to setup, these are high-quality applicators that will suit most budgets and needs.

The ALS 104 is a fantastic entry-level labelling unit with an application speed of up to 30m/min and three mounting positions for easy integration on line. Our range also runs into the higher-performance ALS 200 Series if you need faster speeds, wider labels and continuous, multi-shift, operation.

Our labelling products are easy to install, handle and we help you every step of the way.

Application Methods

With multiple application methods available, you can choose from the following;

  • Direct-apply/wipe-on (standard method of application)
  • Blow on- LA-BO
  • Tamp-on-LA-TO
  • Tamp-blow-LA-TO
  • Front of pack-LA-SO

A major benefit of our machines is that they are easy to handle – the backing paper can be removed with the “easy push” mechanism.

Technical specifications

Label width (including backing)

10-110 mm for ALS 104 and ALS 204
10-160 mm for ALS 206 and ALS 256
50-233 mm for ALS 209
10-53 mm for ALS 272

Dispensing speed (up to)

30 m/min for ALS 104
40 m/min for ALS 204
30 m/min for ALS 206
25 m/min for ALS 209
50 m/min for ALS 256
70 m/min for ALS 272

Label material

Self-adhesive/Pressure-Sensitive (PS) labels or EAS/RFID tags and inlays with backing liner, both inside and outside winding is acceptable

Label roll diameter (maximum)


Label roll inside core diameter

38mm, 76mm or 100mm

Label length

5-600mm for ALS 104
5-600mm for ALS 204, ALS 206, ALS 256, ALS 272
50-600mm for ALS 209

Label dispensing accuracy

+/- 0.5mm for all models

Dimensions ALS 104, ALS 204 and ALS 272

492mm x 488mm x 371mm

Dimensions ALS 206 and ALS 256

492mm x 488mm x 402mm

Dimensions ALS 209

492mm x 488mm x 505mm


ALS 100 and ALS 200 Compact Series (PDF, 7.84MB)